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WetBank Gunnison

WetBank Gunnison - Ranches at Ohio Creek is located in the Central Rocky Mountains of the Western Slope region of Colorado, just north of the town of Gunnison on Old Ohio Creek. A property that had been severely overgrazed for several years, with former wetlands destroyed and high density development the likely future, its hidden beauty and potential was clearly envisioned by StillWater's principals.

The property was purchased in the early spring of 1999. In the late fall of that same year, the company's bank instrument for 'WetBank Gunnison' was approved by the Army Corps of Engineers to serve an area of approximately 1,800 square miles within the Gunnison River Basin.

Of the total 315 acres, 109 was identified for a wetlands bank. Cattle were removed and the company worked extensively to re-establish water flow by replacing head gates and flumes, building check dames, cleaning ditches and building new ones, and improving water distribution and regulation. Consequently, the hydrology criteria for the bank was established. Over the same course of time, extensive planting ranging from wetland plants and native grasses to certain shrubs and trees have taken place. Ninety one monitoring wells have been installed, and a variety of other measures have been taken over the years to develop a flourishing and beautiful wetlands.

With a 'composite' rating, WetBank Gunnison can accommodate most wetland impacts in the region due to the range of elevations it can mitigate and its rich variety of wetland vegetative types. Birds and wildlife are moving back into the area as it returns to original habitat. WetBank Gunnison is available for both public and private sector wetland mitigation needs and both very small to large mitigations. It has serviced numerous clients in both sectors.

WetBank Gunnison is accompanied by Ranches at Ohio Creek, a beautifully designed, low density development, the few residents of which enjoy the open space and the wildlife of the wetlands, but in no way interfere with its functions or viability.

The approach of SWP, its design and restoration of the property has been applauded by local, state and federal agencies. Located in an area under a great deal of development pressure, the wetlands and the wildlife it is attracting, will remain in an open space and wildlife habitat status in perpetuity. StillWater Preservation is proud of WetBank Gunnison and is dedicated to maintaining the bank's optimum performance.













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