StillWater Preservation, LLC is a unique, 'one-stop-shop' company with a proven track record in and an established respect for the high quality of its wetland banking, and if applicable, accompanying development. The services SWP can offer include:
  • Assistance to 404 permit applicants with assessment of wetland impacts and wetland credits as the mitigation of choice.
  • Wetland delineation expertise.
  • Management of all aspects of wetland credit sale procedures.
  • Expertise in restoring, enhancing, rehabilitating and creating wetlands per legally required regulatory criteria to achieve the highest wetland quality, ratings, and range of impacts that can be mitigated by a bank.
  • Government agency and environmental regulatory liaison.
  • Wetland credit pre-purchase (WetBank Gunnison).
  • Mitigation planning guidance.

In concert with its managing entity, Bald Mountain Development, a full range of mixed use development services and years of expertise are also available. (Contact Us)


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