Advantages of Purchasing Wetland Credits from StillWater

The Pricing of Wetland Credits

Pricing for StillWater's wetland credits are reasonable, cost efficient, and competitive, saving the client the expense of a) on-going liability for ecological success of a wetland and/or b) starting over if an individual on or off-site mitigation fails, c) watching over a wetland mitigation's protection in perpetuity as well as d) responding to on-going legally required annual reporting and monitoring. (Contact us)

For the Client.

  • Increases significantly the certainty of costs that are associated with wetland impacts.
  • Eliminates land costs associated with wetlands creation.
  • Eliminates water rights costs and issues associated with wetland creation.
  • Eliminates the on-going responsibility, liability, and reporting required to ensure the survival of created on-site wetlands in perpetuity.
  • Eliminates potential time delays.
  • Increases “developable” land on the development site.
  • Allows attention to be focused on the development project instead of becoming wetland experts overnight.
  • Eliminates ecological failure (90% of all on-site mitigations fail per ACOE)
  • Eliminates uncertainty of mitigating a project that might be staged over time via pre-purchase of credits prior to actual impact.

For the Regulatory Agencies.

  • Consolidates impacts into an approved and ecological functioning wetland.
  • Ensures wetlands replacement since wetlands can be functional in advance of development activity.
  • Eliminates temporal loss.
  • Brings scientific expertise, planning and financial resources together not often practical or cost efficient over the long term to individual mitigation efforts.
  • Reduces the demand to review, inspect and monitor many permitted impacts because of consolidation benefits.

For the Environment.

  • Restores wetlands that have been dried up, destroyed or otherwise damaged, and creates additional wetlands in the watershed and river basin in which the impacts take place.
  • Protects open space in perpetuity.
  • Provides habitat for wildlife and bird species.
  • Mitigates unavoidable wetland impacts often at a 1:1 ratio, or 1:5:1 ratio, meeting the goals of "no-net-loss" and "net gain" for wetlands.

For the Community.

  • Balances development pressure with the creation of open space and wildlife habitat.
  • Puts conservation easements in place to ensure wetland open space in perpetuity.
  • Contributes to commerce by bringing the wetland credit business to a region.
  • Provides a resource in the watershed of impacts for compensatory wetland mitigation that ensures ecological success.
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