StillWater Preservation, LLC (SWP), a conservation-based company, is a private sector response to public policy initiatives for the environment and wetland protection.

Founded in 1998, SWP's mission is to restore former and create new wetlands to off-set legally required compensatory mitigation in advance of unavoidable, authorized wetland impacts.

Subsequently, StillWater provides the ecological services of these wetlands to the public and private sectors, off-site of impacts, through the sale of ‘wetland credits’. At the same time, we preserve the wetlands open space in perpetuity.

StillWater Preservation also pursues other land and resource banking opportunities in the ecological services and environmental credits industry. The company's goal is to achieve the "triple bottom line" for all its projects: financial, environmental, and social profits.

Presently focused in western Colorado, with expansion into other regions and states charted for the future, StillWater Preservation established its first wetland mitigation bank, StillWater-Ohio Creek, known as WetBank Gunnsion, in 1999. The company took a pioneering lead, establishing the value of restored wetlands, mitigation banking and high standards for bank development and performance in Colorado.

StillWater Preservation, in partnership with its managing entity, Bald Mountain Development, brings a wealth of experience to the mitigation field and can accompany SWP's wetlands restoration mission with a broad range of expertise in low-density, low impact, high-end development, utilizing sustainable materials and concepts. This includes wetland restoration/creation construction management, partnership management planning, design and development coordination, entitlement and sales management.



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